Vocal Instruments

We’ve just included some vocal samples from Sonivox as brand new premium Noteflight instruments: Male and Female choirs on 3 syllables (“aah”,

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“oh”, “ooh”). We just completed “aah” and the other two should be out in the next week or so. Since vocal instruments have been

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a major wishlist item, we’re very pleased to make these available! Users of Crescendo and all educational editions have access to the instruments.

The instruments are named “Chorus, Men (aah)” and “Chorus, Women (aah)”.

As a sample demonstrating both instruments check out this transcription of Bach’s chorale Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227. (If you only hear a piano sound, your browser’s cache may still be holding onto yesterday’s instrument list — try clearing that cache.)

15 Responses to “Vocal Instruments”

  1. SimonBerger Says:

    Why is there just the piano sound ?

  2. joe Says:

    Your browser is probably still loaded with our old instrument list. If you clear the browser cache, you will hear the new sounds.

  3. Cluch3 Says:

    is it avalible for preminum noteflight users

  4. joe Says:

    Yes, the vocal sounds are available only in our premium packages.

  5. trombonegal978 Says:

    How do i add it into a score?

  6. Wynterr X Says:

    How do you clear the broser cache? Sorry if I sound dumb asking this. Not much of a computer expert…

  7. joe Says:

    The exact technique depends on your browser — http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache

    By now, you probably won’t need to, the instruments should just show up. They are named “Choir, Men” and “Choir, Women”.

  8. javmar21 Says:

    Why do premium users get to have this type of ability? Joe, please give some regular noteflight users some share of the fun. Isn’t that at least fair?

  9. joe Says:

    @Javmar we did release a substantial number of new features and improvements to free users just before the vocal instrument release. We do have to make a living, however, and the way we do it is via the free+premium approach. We hope you’ll consider a subscription at some point, but we’re happy to have you as a free user if you prefer.

  10. Trevor Says:

    I love the new vocals. They are amazing, however, i do think the vocals are hard to attach and make transitions smooth. I would love to see a notification bar for new likes or new comments, which would be a benifit because i have over 70 scores. You guys continue to impress me. Thank you staff!

  11. Nicholas Alexsander Says:

    Yes for Crescendo accounts?

  12. Marge Says:

    Joe — This is terrific! I noticed that one voice could be isolated and played by itself, simply by clicking the shaded area to the left of the voice designation, which is totally great! Then I tried clicking three of the voices, S,A,B, so that I could “practice” singing the tenor part independently, without the help of all those other tenors in my section. Although clicking the others made it look as though I’d selected all but the tenor, when I did a playback, the tenor sounded, too.

    Can the program isolate multiple parts for playback purposes? Or only one?

    Thanks, Joe!

  13. joe Says:

    @Marge The free version cannot do this. Our premium version, Crescendo, can isolate multiple parts. It can also mix parts at different volumes and different left-to-right pan settings.

  14. Kate Says:

    Noteflight staff, I understand why instruments such as the glockenspiel, certain kinds of guitars, recycled percussion, etc. are offered only for paying Crescendo customers. I do understand that because Noteflighters have a free, alternative option (normal guitar, basic drum set, etc.).
    In this case, however, there is nothing like the vocal sound for Noteflight users. I completely understand and respect the fact that you folks need to make a living. But, I cannot afford Crescendo (despite the incredibly low price) and would like to have use of a vocal sound, even if it’s slightly lower-quality.

  15. Mark Vander Says:

    @Kate – I agree, there should be a middle(of the lower end of the road) with more functionality than the free version for us without the big bucks.

    $50 a year might not seem like a lot of money to most, but I am a student and it would mess my month up to invest that much money.

    – Mark

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