New Noteflight Features – July 2012

We’ve just released a new version of Noteflight today, Monday July 23. This post discusses what’s in it…

Crescendo and premium users now have a complete set of male/female vocal instruments on three syllables (ahh, ohh and ooo) which completes our newly licensed samples from Sonivox.

Page layout is improved in a couple of ways. First, we’ve changed Noteflight’s vertical page layout to add much less vertical blank space when the music doesn’t occupy the height of the entire page. The amount of page is controllable through a new “System stretch” slider on the Document Layout panel. Second, we now allow you to shorten the final line of music when it doesn’t occupy the whole width of the page, by dragging the final barline in the score to the left.

It’s now possible to copy and paste music in individual voices without overwriting all the music in the passage being pasted into. Text, expression marks and chord symbols can also now be pasted on top of music without overwriting it. In order to get this behavior, use the new Edit > Filter Selection commands before you copy into the clipboard. These commands limit your selection to the notes in only one voice, or to the specific text and symbols you want to copy. Then, before pasting the clipboard into the music, select a note in the specific voice where the pasted

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We’ve made it easier to include symbols for note values and accidentals in performance text with special codes like {eighth} or {flat}. Also, you can just use text like “Ab” or “F#” and it will be automatically formatted for you, just like in a chord symbol.


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are also a bunch of other goodies in this release:

  • Fix difficulty with clicking and selecting lines
  • Fix problems with parts of score being cut off in Landscape orientation
  • Automatically position new performance text, expression text or chord elements to line up with preceding elements of the same kind.
  • Only color beams when there is same color for start and end note sets.
  • Ensure compatibility with preview release of Windows 8.
  • Change performance
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    of 8th-note tremolos to use a true metrical 8th note.

  • Add proper error message reporting for YouTube videos which don’t allow embedding, are private, or have been taken off the YouTube site.
  • Fix the “Clear Following Marks” function to also clear the current measure selection, so that the next “Mark Next Measure” operation works as expected..

4 Responses to “New Noteflight Features – July 2012”

  1. Wynterr X Says:

    I’m sure this will make everything a lot easier and sound better in some cases. I’m so glad the voice choirs are done! They’re epic!

  2. jTaylor Says:

    So glad to see notable progress.

    noteflight will eventually be the one to beat!

    With each “new release” I eagerly await the maturation of drum/percussion notation. As of now the feature set is barely adequate and does not conform to the Percussion Arts Society guidelines.

    Please fix this soon?!…

  3. cellogirl96 Says:

    Thanks for fixing the tremelos! Noteflight just keeps getting better and better…

  4. cello95 Says:

    Wow this program has grown. Looks like only positive improvement from here on out. Bravo Zulu mates!

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